Computer software


  •, NES era->ps3 era roms and emulators. Cons: slow download speeds.

  • and for switch roms

  •, 3DS roms

  • Old 90’s-2000’s PC games and some gamecube games. Technically, all of the games here are abandon ware, meaning the original company/creator doesn’t sell nor make money from the games anymore

  • Heavily compressed PC games, and other various consoles. Small downloads and faster speeds for the size of the games. Somewhat limited game selection

  •, Steam games with easy-to-use installers

  • A user forum for piracy support, usually about installing cracked games. Does have some scattered PC game downloads

  • Amiibo bins, can be loaded with some homebrew to load in games without any external source, or, if you buy writable NFC cards, you can make your own free amiibos


  •,, for anime

  •,, movies

  •, cartoons

  • Free streaming of live tv, has most US cable tv channels

  •, Spiritual successor to Rabbit, allows you to stream your screen with friends

Recipes (not technically free, but cheap recipe websites)

Youtube ad-free:

NewPipe links to more torrent sites, software, VPNs, uBlock origin filters, ect. Basically everything you could ever want starting out.



  •, Torrent site for movies, shows, games, comics, ect

  •, An archive of old roms, OS systems, roms (non nintendo), comics, books, ect, ect. Cons: No search function and slightly hard to navigate

Credits: I added some of the links myself, but many come from Tumblr posts I've seen in the past.

Also, remember to use an adblock and similar software before using streaming websites.